Amy Herring

Amy Herring // Connections Ministry

God placed me with parents who took our family to church every week. I saw church leadership, weekly giving and service to others at a young age by the examples of my parents.

I was called to teach school in Elmhurst, IL right after graduation from Concordia University Chicago. I taught fourth grade for three years and then left the ministry to pursue a career in sales for 15 years. God called me back to ministry after He intervened and changed my life through some pretty major trials. I willingly came back because I was thrilled to see how God could change me and I had to tell others the good news of the power of healing in Christ!

I have worked at Trinity since 2005. I served on the Caring Service Ministry and coordinated our very first Clinic in November of 2007. God worked through our volunteers and coordinators in so many ways through Clinic. He just keeps blessing it year after year.

In 2014 I began to serve all ministries through assisting the Senior Pastor at Trinity and in 2017, I added Next Steps Coordinator to my career. My favorite day of the week is Sunday when you can see me at the front door greeting our Trinity family as they enter for worship.

On Sundays:

  • God shows me someone who is changing for good because of Jesus' love and redemption.
  • I see how God can make a grumpy person smile because of something we share.
  • Someone new comes through our front doors and I get to introduce them to our family of faith.
  • God gives me a reason to jump out of bed to build His kingdom along side my Trinity friends. Will you join me? Let's go.

Outside of work, I love to take road trips, garden in my backyard or wherever needed, mentor women, visit family out of state and spend time with my husband, Dave and our son Ben.

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Road Trip to visit out of town family.