Coronavirus Updates

How is Trinity currently operating?

Current Updates

Trinity's main campus building is open along with new policies and procedures to ensure that everyone from students, to staff, to visitors are all kept safe and healthy during their time with us.


During the week the front entrance is open and someone is at the front desk from 8:00a - 4:00pm to handle check-in of visitors. All visitors must pass a temperature scan at our stand-alone scanner in our lobby and then be checked in at the front desk.

We have a new visitor check-in system which requires us to re-scan everyone's drivers license. Once we have scanned in your drivers license, you do not need to re-scan for the next 2 years. You will also be asked each time you need to be checked in the standard COVID questions. You will only be allowed into the building if you have a temperature lower than 100.4 degrees and can answer NO to all our COVID questions. You will then receive a printed badge to wear during your time in the building.


There are 2 worship services held each weekend on Sundays at 9:00a & 11:00a. These services are available for those who wish to attend in person as well as available online through live streaming. Those who wish to attend in person must register for a service Due to safety guidelines relating to group gathering, we must limit the number of people in the room at one time.

Those who attend a worship service must have their temperature scanned at a stand alone scanner, answer NO to all COVID questions and use hand-sanitizer prior to entering the sanctuary. Attenders will be escorted to a section of seating available for that service. All seating is at a minimum 10 feet apart. Masks must be worn at all times. There is limited bathroom use. Pews and other common areas of the sanctuary are cleaned between services. Attenders are dismissed at the end of the service by rows and asked to leave immediately to limit socializing within the building.


The school will be open for in person and remote learning starting August 26. There are many policies and procedures put in place this year to minimize contact between students while also allowing them to be in a class together. All students will be temperature scanned upon entry to the building. Classes will be self-contained as much as possible with minimal hallway trips. All students are required to wear masks when indoors in classrooms. They have the option to remove their mask when outside, in gym class and at lunch.

Classrooms and all surfaces that are touched are cleaned often and a deeper cleaning is done everyday. Students have lunch in their classroom and have individual recess time.


The child care program worked hard this summer to open and provide child care to families in our community. They adhere to all guidelines required by all administrations regarding child care regulations. Children and parents are scanned upon entry to the building and children wear masks when required.

The adult services program is currently not available and we do not have a future date when when services will resume.


There are many other programs that have not yet resumed regular operations and we will share information regarding these programs as they become available.

Please contact us if you have any questions!