Common questions and answers for in-person worship

Do I need a reservation?

Yes. Reservations made ahead of time are required. Your name will be checked from the list upon arrival. Make sure that you receive your email confirmation when you make your reservation. It would be helpful if you have it ready at check in, in case it is needed.

Should I arrive earlier at church than usual?

The procedure to enter church is organized and quick but you should allow for just a few extra minutes, doors will not be opened until 15 minutes prior to the start of the service. This allows for set up and cleaning time before the check- in begins.

Should I wear a mask?

Yes everyone over the age of 2 will be required to wear a mask while inside the building. 

Will I still need to social distance?

Yes. Please remain 6 feet away from other households even while wearing a mask. Upon entering there will be markings on the floor for a helpful reminder. Please wave and greet from a distance.

Will bathrooms be available?

There will be 2 one room bathrooms available for emergency use. One in the hall leading to the South chapel and if that one is occupied there is one located in the hall leading to the church offices. A hospitality team member will be happy to direct you if needed.

What should I do if I have made a reservation but that day I do not feel well?

Stay home if you do not feel well. Specifically stay home if you or anyone in your household are experiencing ANY of the following symptoms: Shortness of breath, fever, cough, headache, sore throat, muscle weakness or pain, headache, sudden loss of taste or smell, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. In fact, you will be asked about these symptoms upon arrival and if you are experiencing any of them you will be asked to go home and call your physician for direction for your care.

Will someone take my temperature upon arrival?

Yes. A touchless thermometer will be used to take your temperature. If your temperature is above 100 we will ask that you and your household return home and that you call your physician for direction for your care. Please do not return to church attendance inside of the church until everyone in the household has been symptom free for 14 days.

How will I know where to sit?

Once you have been fully checked in please wait for a hospitality team member or an elder to take you to your seat. To maintain social distancing requirements, so that we may worship indoors with congregational singing and speaking , we must have a distance of 10 feet between family households. These areas have been carefully marked so that the Team knows where people can be seated. Please be patient with this process. 

May I change seats once I am seated?

Please stay seated at all times once you are seated, unless it is an emergency. All pews must be disinfected between occupants so once you are there that seat is yours and no one else can sit there.

Can I request to sit with someone else?

If there are others who do not live in your household but you regularly have close contact with them we ask that you register together as one household and meet outside and come in together. It is very difficult for the hospitality team to make these changes as they are seating people.

Will an offering be taken?

If you bring an offering to church there will be a large box at the entrance to church where you can place your offering. 

What is the exit strategy for the end of the service?

The hospitality team will usher one row out at a time starting with the BACK row. Please remain socially distanced 6 feet from other households until quickly leaving the building. Please refrain from stopping to talk with others and limit socializing to waving and a quick greeting or farewell.

What is the cleaning procedure for the building?

The hospitality team is cleaning and disinfecting all pews, Hard surfaces , bathrooms door knobs etc.. after each service before the next service begins. In addition, a different set of pews is used for each service.

How long will these current procedures/cautions be necessary?

Please keep in mind all of these precautions are to follow CDC guidelines which have been given to us to help keep everyone safe and healthy and preserve our ability to worship indoors. As things change with this virus we will continue to follow the guidelines we are given. We will keep the congregation informed if changes are needed. This will not be forever. Jesus changes everything!