Next Steps

Trinity offers classes that will help nourish you on your spiritual walk. These classes offer growth for the various stages of your journey, supporting you all along the way. Consider registering for one today!Just click on the link for the class you would like to enroll in!
Alpha Taste and See—Come and see for yourself what it means to be a follower of Jesus and how your life can be full and rich. Dinner will be served along with an introduction to the Alpha Course. 
The Alpha Course—Do you need an introduction to Jesus Christ and the Christian faith? Alpha is built around a meal together, a large group teaching session, and small group discussions addressing questions concerning Jesus and the Christian faith. 

Bible Study Basics—Discover how the Bible came to be, and learn how to study it.

Spiritual Connection Seminar—Discover the basics of prayer and the next step to growing in your personal prayer life. 

Body Life Basics—Understand God’s master plan of transforming Trinity members into a disciple-making community. Join in understanding the church’s mission, functions, strategy, goals and servanthood tactics.

Share the Good News Seminar—Learn to share the Gospel with others around you. 

Delta—Equip yourself with the tools to grow a life holistically in Christ and implement a Personal Growth Plan! 

LutherSacramental Life Together – Learn who we are as a church family and what we believe and confess concerning the Triune God.