Deaconness Rogene Lis

Deaconness Rogene Lis // Pastoral Assistant Programs and Pastoral Care

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I have been part of Trinity’s staff for over 25 years. During this time I have seen God work in wonderful ways through His people and Trinity. It excites me to see people use their gifts to His glory. 

I am part of the leadership staff and am involved in many things. I am especially excited about Community Care and Dignity for Girls! Community Care is a ministry that goes out into the community to help people. We have cleaned gutters, raked yards, cleaned out garages, painted and lots of other things. Dignity for girls is a group that gets together and sews hygiene kits for women around the world who are living in poverty. Having the ability to go to school or work during their cycles changes their lives. They become better educated and better providers. 

Working with volunteers is a big piece of my job, which involves helping others recruit, help people find their place to serve and supporting various ministries like the Senior Adult Ministry and Lutherans for Life.

God has given me a passion to teach; especially to teach women. Currently I teach a once a month women’s Bible study. We get together one Friday a month, relax, have dinner and dig into God’s word.

You will find me on Sundays running around the lobby helping others where needed.