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“Start Here” is coming Dec. 31

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Merry Christmas!

Did you know lots of guests are coming to church on Christmas Eve at Trinity? Are you ready to introduce yourself to someone you don’t know that night? I hope so. We welcome all people to Trinity. We welcome everyone to get to know this faith community of Trinity Roselle. Because we all need community, we all need support to build our faith that carries us along the journey of life. We all have questions and we all need the love of God. The guests that attend church this coming Christmas will be invited to our “Start Here” event.

The Start Here event on Sun. Dec. 31 will be an informal time to connect and learn more about our community of people at Trinity. Start Here is going to be the last Sunday of every month after all services and will focus on getting guests and regular attendees more connected to the real people of Trinity. It will answer questions about Trinity and offer volunteer opportunities, Bible studies, small groups, fellowship opportunities, tech training, etc.

Do you have something that we could invite new people to attend? Does your small group want to grow? Can you make room for someone to usher with your team? Etc.

Click here to go to an online form to publicize your item in our “Start Here” booklet. New friends are waiting for someone to ask them to join them in community at Trinity. God is preparing you both to meet. Are you ready? Then, start here.