Pastor Chuck Mueller

Rev. Dr. Charles S. Mueller, Jr. // Pastor Emeritus

I came to Trinity in 1985 and five years later was elected to serve as Senior Pastor. I served as Senior Pastor at Trinity until 2021. Karen and I have been married for almost fifteen years now we have eight children between us and nine grandchildren so far.

Being pastor at Trinity has been the greatest adventure of faith and life I could have asked for. Like everyone, I have my struggles, but joining Jesus on His mission at Trinity changed me — for the better.

I believe you’ll experience Jesus here, too. Every week I look forward to what God will do for me and through me as He grows me in faith, in hope, in love and in relationship with Him and others.

Let’s discover together what life and world impact God has in store for all of us! No matter what your past has been and what you plan for the future, we can know this for sure every day:

“God is good — and we are blessed.”

Chuck and Karen Mueller, Christmas 2019

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