Gather Together on Sundays to Learn, Connect and Grow! Starting September 19!

What is ELEVATE?

As life returns to a new normal after a long period of isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Trinity is wants to further encourage our community to re-connect and re-engage in God’s word and to each other.

Starting September 19, we are introducing a new opportunity called ELEVATE which will take place at 9:45am between the traditional (8:30a) and contemporary (11:00a) services. ELEVATE is for all ages and is a time for our church community to grow stronger in our Christian faith together through insights and discussions surrounding God’s word.

Kids ages 3 yrs to middle school and their parents/guardians will have an opportunity to gather together in ELEVATE kids while adults and high schoolers will gather together in ELEVATE Bible Study. There will also be new opportunities offered later this year, so look for those details to come soon! We are working to open our nursery for our littles to hang out in!

To slowly transition to this new Sunday morning line-up, the first few weeks prior to our start will be as follows at 9:45a:

   8/29 - Fellowship time

   9/5 - Fellowship time

   9/12 - Ministry Fair

   9/19 - ELEVATE starts

We are excited about what God has planned for our church community going forward and how ELEVATE will encourage us to grow in our faith and reach the greater community! Look for more details about ELEVATE in the upcoming weeks and what you can expect!