Lutheran Basics

Learn more about the Lutheran Faith and become a member at Trinity!

Lutheran Basics

Is God calling you to dig deeper in your faith?  

Is He calling you to become more active in church life at Trinity through Bible Study or service?  

Want to meet other people at church? 

Are you ready to learn more about the Lutheran faith and what we believe as Lutheran Christians? 

Are you ready to re-commit to your faith as a Lutheran Christian?

If you answered, yes to any or all, Lutheran Basics class may be what you are looking for at Trinity. 

We have our Lutheran Basics classes a few times a year where we will guide you on the following: 

  • Learn the basic beliefs of the Lutheran faith while using Martin Luther’s Small Catechism. 
  • Learn about Trinity
  • And, get to know some new faces

All are welcome to attend, new to Trinity Roselle or not.  At the completion of the class, any who are not current members of Trinity will be scheduled to become members and welcomed by the congregation at a worship service soon thereafter.

The class is a great way to meet people, learn about the Lutheran faith, grow closer to Jesus and find ways to connect at Trinity church, school and care center.

Upcoming Classes

Our next class is starting June 4th and runs for 5 weeks (June 4, 11, 18, 25, and July 9). If you would like to learn more, please contact Jeanine Kelly or Pastor Jonathan Petzold. We ask that you register for the class so we know the amount of resources that are needed.

What people have to say about the class

Here are some quotes from past attendees when asked what did they enjoy most about the Lutheran Basics/New Member Class:

"Getting together with other new members; ability to ask questions in a safe zone; getting to know about the church and where there are opportunities to serve."

"Learning the theology around the Lutheran Faith. I found it helpful to have the Luther’s Small Cathetism with Scripture to know where to find them in the Bible."

"The group's views and various thoughts on the Bible and explanations from Pastor Jonathon."

"Getting to know new people at the church, what groups are at the church/school, and re-learning everything there is to know about being a Lutheran too. (Let’s face it, I’m an adult and life gets super busy. It was great to take off the daily goggles and get back into the meaning behind all the things being a Lutheran is all about.) I had fun learning and re-learning. Made some new contacts/friends. We have a beautiful church family. I haven’t found a single person I didn’t like yet. I take forever to get comfortable with people all the time, but Trinity and the people who are apart of Trinity make it easy for me. It’s hard to be extremely shy."

"Meeting the new members and staff and being able to participate."

Questions? Contact Pastor Jonathan Petzold!