Thrivent Financial

How can you live generously?

Trinity has partnered with Thrivent, a financial services organization that helps Christians be wise with money and live generously. Thrivent has helped its member-owners make wise money choices that reflect their values. Thrivent also provides opportunities for them to be even more generous where they live, work and worship. Two ways to do this are directing your Thrivent Choice Dollars and using your Thrivent Action Teams.

Thrivent Choice Dollars

Eligible clients with Thrivent membership can recommend where Thrivent distributes some of its charitable grant funds. You can share your recommendations by directing Choice Dollars to enrolled nonprofit organizations. To be eligible to direct Choice Dollars as part of Thrivent Choice®, you must be a client with benefit membership.

Make the most of your gift by directing your Choice Dollars to any of Trinity’s organizations below. Direction of the dollars must be completed by March 31 each year.

·        Trinity Lutheran Church

·        Trinity Lutheran School

·        Trinity Child Care Center

·        Trinity Roselle Foundation

Thrivent Action Teams

Supporting your Trinity community is easy with Thrivent Action Teams. Apply to lead a group in a fundraiser, educational event or service activity. Then, gather a team of volunteers to make an impact together. Thrivent provides a customized kit of resources to get you started. Your team provides the passion to bring it to life. Many Action Teams have been used at Trinity for the Clinic, Youth Mission Trips, and Outreach events just to name a few.

Projects being completed for Trinity must have the approval by Trinity Senior Management Team.

To learn more about these programs visit If you have specific questions about these programs refer to your Thrivent Financial Representative or contact Joel Eggerding our local Thrivent Financial Representative at 630-310-6713.