Board of Elders

The Board of Elders oversee the spiritual and doctrinal life of the congregation

Purpose, Qualifications and Election

The Board of Elders has the responsibility to oversee the spiritual and doctrinal life of the congregation. This is accomplished by receiving monthly reports from the Senior Pastor, and hearing and acting upon recommendations, suggestions, and concerns from both laity and staff, and judging doctrinal issues which may occasionally arise within the congregation. Elders both partner and supervise the Senior Pastor as he directly oversees the life of the congregation.

Elders are present at every worship service and help to conduct the service in decency and order. They are responsible for overseeing worship attendance and all membership issues.

In addition, the Elders serve as the Nominating Committee for all elected positions in the congregation.The entire congregation is encouraged to offer to the Elders names which they may consider for nomination. Normally this will be done prior to the Congregation Meeting.

An Elder must be a male communicant of Trinity. He must be a spiritual person, regular in worship and in the study of God’s Word.

Board of Elder elections occur annually, normally in May or June. The Elders consist of up to 24 members, including the Senior Pastor, who serves ex officio. Approximately one third of the Elders are elected or re-elected each year. Elders serve up to a maximum of three consecutive terms. Terms are staggered so that Trinity will always have experienced members on the Board of Elders.

The Elders select from among its own members a Chair, a Vice-Chair, and a Secretary. Should a vacancy occur in the Board of Elders, the unexpired term of that position will be filled by choice of the Church Council.

Elder Executive Committee

Non-Officer Board of Elder Members

Senior Pastor