Church Council

The Church Council handles the day-to-day business of Trinity

Purpose, Qualifications and Election

The Church Council is the congregational-elected agency for conducting the day-to-day business of Trinity. It supervises the overall work within the congregation, makes strategic plans, and takes corrective steps when necessary. A Church Council member must be a communicant member of Trinity, male or female. She or he must be a spiritual person, regular in worship and in the study of God’s Word.

Church Council elections occur annually, normally in May or June. The council consists of 12 members, including the Senior Pastor, who serves ex officio without a vote. Nine members are elected for two year terms by the congregation -- each year the Church Council adds another member of their choosing (normally to add a needed skill or experience to the group). Council members serve two up to a maximum of three consecutive terms. Terms are staggered so that Trinity will always have experienced members on the Church Council.

The Church Council shall elect from among its own members a Chair, a Vice-Chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and such other officers as are appropriate. Those officers shall be considered the officers of the entire congregation in the capacities to which they are elected. Should a vacancy occur in the Church Council, the unexpired term of that position will be filled by choice of the Church Council.

Church Council Governance Documents

Get to Know the Church Council Executive Committee

Non-Officer Church Council Members

Senior Pastor (non-voting)